[SLUG-ANNOUNCE] (FWD) Dunedin Library Closed April 23rd

From: Paul M Foster (paulf@quillandmouse.com)
Date: Wed Apr 13 2005 - 00:49:22 EDT

See the forwarded message below. This cancels the Dunedin meeting on the
23rd. They've been doing renovations at the library for some time, and
this is just another phase of it. Sorry, folks.


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   From: Noggle, Dorothy
   Sent: Monday, April 11, 2005 9:27 AM
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   Subject: Library Closing

   The Dunedin Public Library will close from 6 pm on Friday, April 15
   until 9:30 am on April 25 for carpet replacement. Books may be returned
   to the Library bookdrops at any time.

   Dorothy Noggle, Admin. Assistant
   Dunedin Public Library
   223 Douglas Avenue
   Dunedin, FL 34698
   (727)298-3080 x221

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