[SLUG] Automatic domain registration script Q's.

From: Aharon (aharon@superfreeway.com)
Date: Sun Jun 10 2001 - 21:03:33 EDT

Ok, I wrote a perl script using the Net::Whois module. Bascially in
random intervals throughout the day it checks on the availability of
domains that are about to expire. When they are available, the script
emails my cell phone and other email accounts.

Is there anyway I can make it automagically register the domain? I have
done quite a bit of searching, and I was able to find an email method
through netsol (bleck).. Not knowing exactly how it works, I called them.
They deny all such knowledge of any email method of registering domains.

I could use lynx and 'expect' to navigate the registration pages of
various registrars, but if anything happens to change on the layout of the
pages the script and expect will bomb.

On another note, I severly doubt netsol even expires domains anymore these
days. They "hoard" all the good domains that expire, to be auctioned off.
I have one domain that has expired several months ago, and still has not
been purged or delete. I purposly let this domain expire just to see if
it would actually be purged. Nope. Infact, I still have a working web
page on it.


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