Re: [SLUG] Re: PCMCIA in Debian Stormix -- Need Help!

From: Bill Preece (
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 07:41:52 EDT

Which Stormix version are you using Rain <--1st release or Hail <--2nd
Also I loaded up Stormix on my girlfriends Dell Latitude the Hail download
Everything went flawlessly. Pcmcia Works fine , sound X everything.

Next I went to Progenys web site configured the Stormix as they suggested
apt-get and ran updates and etc., Everything works fine.

When you first installed it did you tell it that yes it was a Laptop
Also did you try to just re-install the Stormix first?
It sounds like there was a glitch or something. I have installed Stormix on
several machines and that is one of 3 distros that has never gave me any

To bad they are gone though. Would have loved to seen what Typhoon would
have been like.
That was the name that was being given to the 3rd version before they yanked
the plug according to
some people I talked to from Stormix just before they shut down I was going
to beta test it but that never even
got to me 8-(

At least Progeny gives you step by step instructions to upgrade and install
the newer components.
Not to mention works well. How ever though apt-get is a killer utility.

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Date: Sunday, June 17, 2001 10:26 AM
Subject: [SLUG] Re: PCMCIA in Debian Stormix -- Need Help!

>Thanks Scott ... but now I have run into a new jam-up ... when I try to
>use the STORMPKG Filter to find installed and uninstalled packages
>I get the following error:
>"Application 'stormpkg' (process 11058) has crashed due to a fatal error
>(segmentation fault)."
>While this is far more information than Windows might offer it still means
>nothing to me!
>Once I get this thing working I want to log onto the Debian site and get
>the new stuff since 2000/08/07 that Stormix hadn't yet integrated prior
>to their business failure ... esp KDE2.
>Thanks! Doc
>> As Russell said, when you install Debian they ask if you want to remove
>> pcmcia support and save some memory, so I wouldn't be surprised if your
>> Stormix installation did it for you.
>> According to Debian (and Stormix) you need two deb packages installed to
>> use pcmcia.
>> pcmcia-cs
>> pcmcia-modules-(your kernel version).
>> Here's where you can find them on the stormix website
>> pcmcia&x=16&y=7
> > scott

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