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From: Miller, Matthew (
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 14:34:05 EDT

The first question is whether or not the actual computer system "sees" the
drive. Are both drives on the same controller, or separate controllers? Are
they SCSI or IDE drives?
Do you see both drives on bootup? Most computers display recognized drives
at bootup; if not... Assuming the drives are connected to IDE controllers
and both drives are connected to the same controller via a single cable with
to IDE pin connections, I would make sure that one drive is jumpered for
master and another for slave -- you will need to consult the documentation
that came with each drive. If this has already been done and the drive is
still not being recognized at bootup, then you may have to
activate/configure the drive in the system bios -- most newer bios'(es) have
an auto-detect option for both controllers -- IDE1: Master and Slave and
IDE2: Master and Slave (set all to auto).
Let me know what your specific drive configuration is, and I should be able
to give you a concise walkthrough...


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I need some reading material for adding a second hard drive to my Linux
box,,, or some good instructions,, step by step. I have tried using
Partition Magic but cfdisk does not see it when I am booted in Linux. I am
running RH7.1.

Michael C. Rock

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