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Date: Sat Jun 23 2001 - 21:49:55 EDT

On Saturday 23 June 2001 20:32, you wrote:
> Where did you get the ISO's for that????
> Paul Weinstein
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> First off sorry I did'nt make the Dunedin meeting the rain does not work
> and play well with my RA
> now, for anyone unaware and who is running LM 8 ------you can download and
> burn the latest "stable"(as stable as beta is I guess) version of the
> Cooker and install over the top of the current LM8 if you do you will get
> all the "new" goodies---2.4.5 kernel and Gnome 1.4 etc---all seems to work
> fine and I
> have had no problems but I digress---all you have to do is download the
> latest Frequency ISOs (there are 2) and these are the latest cooker updates
> that are tested and available. By doing this then running the cds as
> updates your system will have the latest mandrake available without single
> compiling etc----just thought I would pass this on -------there are a few
> differences in the menu etc
> AJ
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