[SLUG] Mailing List Policies

From: paulf@quillandmouse.com
Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 01:01:07 EST

(This is a regular posting of the charter for the SLUG email list.)



1) Technical (Linux or computer-related) questions and answers.

This is the primary reason for this list-- to provide mutual assistance to
SLUG members with technical questions.

2) Announcements of upcoming SLUG events and summaries of recent events.

Self-explanatory, though the SLUG Announce list is really the preferred
forum for announcements.

3) Official communications from SLUG officers to members of SLUG.


4) Linux advocacy.

Self-explanatory, but remember that bandwidth on the list should primarily
be for #1 above.

5) Linux or computer related humor or news.

Humor is acceptable, so long as it is tasteful and does not chew up too
much bandwidth. Racial, religious, male- or female-chauvinist humor is not

6) Commercial offerings.

We are a "limited commercial interruptions" list. If there is some new
Linux-related package or machine out there and you want to mention it,
fine. If you offer commercial Linux or computer related services, you can
mention it once, not repeatedly.

If you're advertising your services in your tagline or signature, this is
acceptable. But naturally, pornography, profanity or tasteless, offensive
humor or remarks in taglines/signatures are unacceptable.


1) Flames.

Just don't. Take it off the list. Don't say something to someone in email
that you wouldn't say to their face, and don't use this list to insult

2) Slurs.

These may or not be part of flames. Slurs of racial, religious, or sexual
nature are unacceptable, even if you aren't flaming someone on the list.
Likewise, while we generally are not fond of certain software companies,
it really serves no purpose to refer to them by epithets. If you believe
that they deserve your contempt, express your opinion and use the actual
name of the company.

3) Pornography or advertisements for it.

It's a family list, okay?

4) Profanity.

This is generally unnecessary, and offends many people. See #3 above; this
is a family list.

5) Politics/Religion

While we don't want to restrain anyone's right to free speech, this isn't
really the correct forum for political or religious discussion.

6) HTML email.

It is established internet policy that HTML email is unacceptable. This is
doubly true here, where our list is run by Majordomo, which "bounces" all
HTML email off the list.


Traditionally, internet list servers and admins are sensitive about useless
waste of bandwidth. You can do your part by "trimming" text in replies
that isn't pertinent to the point you wish to make. Likewise, the list
server software adds a "brand" at the end of each post. Please trim this
as well, and any sig lines not pertinent to your communication.

This list is not "moderated". Email sent to the list is not filtered by a
person before it appears on the list. It simply goes directly to the list,
which the list admin monitors. Keep this in mind when you post something--
there's no one to stop you from saying something stupid to hundreds of

However, since membership on this list is a privilege, it can be revoked
by the list administrator. If the list admin decides that your posts don't
follow these guidelines, he can take the following actions (in order of

1) Notify you by private email of the infraction.

2) If this doesn't work, email the list regarding your conduct as a public
warning to you and others of like mind.

3) Un_subscribe you from the list.

4) Publicly announce your un_subscribing from the list.

If you believe you have been treated unfairly by the list admin, you may
appeal to the SLUG president. He will get both sides of the story and make
a decision on the matter, which is final.


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