Re: [SLUG] Back on Linux

From: Ronan Heffernan (
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 00:47:34 EST wrote:

> I have just completed my RH 7.1 install.... finally. Now I have another
> question. what e-mail client do you all use ? I'm running gnome and RH 7.1.
> RoadRunner seems to not like Netscape's mail client for some reason. I use the
> same settings I have on my w2k machine, but I can't get
> mail.

Despite the disparaging comments that fly-around, I like Netscape's email client.
I would never configure the Netscape client to talk to my ISP; my Masquerading
gateway machine is running an IMAP server and an SMTP server. All mail is
pulled-down from the ISP (into the IMAP server) via 'fetchmail', and all outgoing
mail goes from my Netscape client to my SMTP server, which forwards the mail to the
ISP's SMTP server (there isn't really any way for the ISP's mail servers to dislike
the Netscape email client). IMAP is a wonderful thing, especially if you have
multiple workstations and/or dual-boot machines.

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