Re: [SLUG] linux kde mail clients

From: steve (
Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 04:14:20 EST

On Thursday 14 February 2002 21:50, you wrote:
> Who uses what Linux mail clients? WKDE Kmail seems so
> spartan, in the way of features. It's not very rich. I seek something
> that's rich in features (i.e. message rules and such.)

Wwow, wait a minute! What feature did you NOT find on Kmail? It's the most
powerful one I've ever seen! (Now I'm talking about mail, not appointments
book, calendar and that sort of thing. Generally, unix boxes have the
philosophy of having many small powerful apps that does one thing right. Then
you link them for added functionality, like tar and gz.)

Not that I would mind something like Outlook if done well. Ximian I think has
something like that going, except I don't like Gnome as much as KDE.

Now KMail has a very feature rich mail filtering system. F.ex. if you have
multiple hats you wear for different posts, like sys admin on A, and user on
A, KMail is neat. It can automatically put the proper From sys admin or user
when you reply to mail to each corresponding source. No more sending replies
as sys admin when you are user or vice versa.

It can execute any pgm you wish when some mail arrives. Forward it etc, etc.
Take mailing lists. If you create a folder to receive let's say SLUG, you can
flag it as a mailing list folder with a mail-to address.

Threading, html (though I'm against html in email as it is a security risk to
use), pictures, all is configurable. Different threading options.

Multiple identities is way easy. Different fonts for each window pane, even
multiple fonts in the message list pane.



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