Re: [SLUG] Libraries/Programming Question

From: Andrew M Hoerter (
Date: Sun Sep 07 2003 - 16:46:04 EDT

On Sun, 7 Sep 2003, Paul M Foster wrote:

> Well, that's bizarre. Actually it works fine without the first -lfl but
> with the last one. I've heard of having to call libraries in a certain
> order, but I never grasped why. I see this is a case of it. Thanks.

The reason is that UNIX linkers are dumb. They scan libraries and object
files in the exact order specified and don't make multiple passes to
collect all the required symbols.

To avoid this problem most people link in a particular order such as:

myobj.o bla.o foo.o -lapplibrary -lapplibrary2 -lsyslibrary -lsyslibrary2

By ordering objects from "highest level" to "lowest level" dependencies
will tend to be satisfied properly. Just wait until you have a circular
dependency at link time, that's when things get really "fun".

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