Re: [SLUG] Debian - Just X and KDE 3.1.3

From: Matt Miller (
Date: Fri Sep 19 2003 - 10:16:03 EDT

On Friday 19 September 2003 09:53 am, you wrote:
> After about 4 attempts, I've got a clean new install of Debian Woody and I
> don't want to pollute it with the old KDE 2.2. Are there meta packages for
> X and KDE 3.1.3 that will pull in all necessary packages? Before, I
> apt-get installed kde-base and kde-libs for 3.1.3 and I think that will
> cover the KDE (I can load the kdemultimedia/network stuff later). I hunted
> for all the XFree stuff I could find, but my X won't start, even though I
> get output that KDM is started. The screen flickers three times like it's
> trying to startx, but it then just outputs "no screens available" or
> something like that. Are there mandatory X meta-packages I need to pull in
> (yes, I ran xf86config)? thanks!

Add the following two lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list -

deb woody xfree
deb woody main

Do an apt-get update. Then install/update your XFree packages (i.e.
xfree86-common, xserver-xfree86, etc.).

An apt-get install kdm or kdebase should get you most of the important kde


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