Re: [SLUG] serious distro comparisions

Date: Sun Sep 28 2003 - 12:42:47 EDT

> >So what really are the difference between distros?

  Depends on what you are using it for. If you are setting up an
Apache webserver or a mailserver, you probably want Redhat. It
typically comes with easily installable and configurable software
modules. What Redhat gives you is a good installation program and
a good system for updating (RPM's) from a GUI. You can pretty
much avoid the command line with Redhat if you want.

  If you are instralling Linux on a lot of machines of different ages, I
would say Suse would be a good choice as it has rich support for
both new and arcane hardware. It looks like Suse is making a lot of
money from server services as they seem to be leaving server
applications out of the basic releases. Their website steers you
towards buying a server package which gets real expensive. I like
Suse's install program better than Redhats and the look and feel is
better. It seems to boot and run applications faster than Redhat. It
also uses RPM's to update and patch.

  If you want to avoid all the SCO worry, then you might consider
FreeBSD although SCO seems pretty ignorant and may go after
BSD too... even if that has already been tried.

  Mandrake seems to be popular with folks here. If you want good
advice and occasional tech questions answered that may be a good

  Debian is for purists. This distro is clean. It is created by all
volunteers and adheres to strict standards.

  A good place to read up on distros is

Paul Wilson
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