Re: [SLUG] CD-Based Firewall

From: Bryan J. Smith (
Date: Thu Nov 04 2004 - 05:35:29 EST

On Wed, 2004-11-03 at 00:31, Paul M Foster wrote:
> I have a Coyote firewall that runs on an old 486 and boots from a
> floppy. This machine will not boot from a CD-ROM. I'm looking to replace
> it with a machine that will boot from a CD-ROM. Because of this, I'm
> looking for a firewall distro that boots from a CD-ROM and _does not
> require either a floppy or hard drive_. In particular, it must handle
> PPPoE, but needn't have anything other than SSH and/or web interfaces
> for management. Since we're talking about a machine with no hard drive
> or floppy, it has to be capable of being modified on another machine,
> and then a new CD burned when one wants to modify the configuration. Let
> me state again-- I'm looking for a CD-based firewall that does _not_
> require a floppy nor hard drive to operate.

Where are you going to store your logs?
Are you going to redirect syslog to another system?
Or keep them in memory?

Where is your IDS?
On this firewall, or do you use another system?
I ask because IDS logs can really add up.

Hence why hard drives are typically used.
Even if you still send the logs to another system periodically.
Especially when something is "going on." ;-ppp

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