Re: [SLUG] SSLUG Meeting Tomorrow 11/23 6:30PM

From: Robin \ (
Date: Mon Nov 22 2004 - 15:23:22 EST

> While I'm doing so, I think I'll also "advertise" SLUG meetings, and
> maybe drag some of the NaNoWriMo people to this month's St. Pete
> meeting if there's any interest (since I don't feel the desire to
> drive there otherwise this month). Having seen this topic regarding
> the Brandon exposition of Robin's book, I think I'll mention that
> event as well. If I get interest for that, I'll almost certainly show
> up to THAT event as well.
> Whee. Fresh meat.

It's one word, uncapitalized: :)

But sure, bring the aspiring novelists along. I wrote a (published)
novel a number of years back, and hope to write another one in 2005,
although I suspect it'll take me longer than a month.

BTW, I would advise sticking to SimplyMEPIS for the writer-types unless
they also have a strong tech bent. It has all the software they need to
ply their craft.

Also: I am living proof that you can happily write and edit books in OOo
on Linux and deal with MS-locked publishers without any problem. So
invite the writer-people. I'm happy to share what little I know with them.

- Robin
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