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From: michael hast (
Date: Wed Jan 18 2006 - 21:51:09 EST

Joe Brandt wrote:

>On Tuesday 17 January 2006 11:14 pm, michael hast wrote:
>>Hey, all.
>> I'm running Debian 3.1 on kernel 2.6, and apparently, I don't know
>>how to configure a media player to play a dvd from my dvd rom. I just
>>installed mplayer, and it will not play video dvd's in it's current
>>configuration. I told it to look in /media/cdrom1, as per my file
>>manager, and it doesn't seem to see anything there. Out of sheer morbid
>>curiosity, I tried a couple of different dvd's and a couple of different
>>players--eg. XMMS, Kaffeine, Noatun, etc.--still to no avail. I'm
>>tapped out here. Do any of you have any clue what I might not be doing
>>right here? Thanks.
>I am assuming you have a laptop with a combo drive. That would explain
>looking for a dvd in cdrom1
>as root create a link
>ln -s /dev/dvd /media/cdrom1
>That fixed it for me, hope it helps you.

No, it's a desktop. It's a 2.4GH P4 and I've got a cd-burner and a
dvd+-rw in it. For whatever reason, Debian calls the dvd burner a
"cdrom." When I look in "/dev", I don't see cdrom, dvd, or hda. When I
go through the file manager, beside the icon, it says, "CD-ROM (hda)
[/media/cdrom1]". Beside the cd burner, "CD-ROM (hdb)
[/media/cdrom0]". Trying your creating a link now...

...and now, on the little control deal, it shows to be reading hda1, but
when I press play, it gives an error, "Failed to open /dev/hda1". I
even tried this particular dvd in my wife's computer and it played under
Kaffeine. I Googled for how-to's and checked the man-pages, and I
couldn't see anything that inspired me on this one. I dunno.

--Michael Hast  (the evyl robot)
I'm not picking my nose.  I'm pulling things out of it.

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