Re: [SLUG] script to parse and compare an IP address

From: steve szmidt (
Date: Sat Apr 01 2006 - 14:52:48 EST

On Saturday 01 April 2006 11:29, Sick Twist wrote:
> I am trying to write a script that parses an unknown IP address from a page
> of HTML, compares the IP address to a file and overwrites the file if the
> saved IP address is different. My question is, what language should I
> investigate to accomplish this? Is this able to be done with a bash script
> and command line utilities or is there another language like perl or python
> that would be better suited for this task? C has always been my game so I'm
> less familiar with the strengths and capabilities of some of the other
> tools out there. Thanks in advance!

Good timing!

I'm just releasing a new language for those situations where you just want to
be able to take an ide, like yours, and implement it. I call it easy.

EASY is just like a scripting language, but simpler. You choose the type of
input you have and how you want it to report. Then basically flowchart it
through a series of tests I call Lirpa-1 after the scientist I got the idea
from. We expect to have newer releases once we solve a minor barrier.

We've been developing and testing for exactly a year and are about to release
it. BETA testers are needed. I'd love to see how it solves your problem.

We expect to revolutionize programming for smaller projects as this only
requires the understanding of logic. The language does the rest.

It's fully compatible with any other language which can output plain text, or
read plain text files. Using Unix directors like < > is fully supported so we
pretty much support any language.

You can now have a small service where you design a web site which asks the
Lirpa-1 questions and then generates the program for the visitor.

It will not be compatible with windows and actually have several traps that
detects the presense of windows. Unless running windows V1 it will empty the
root directory as a warning not to try it again. We think this is only fair
since windows have caused so much problem for so many.

We are workig with some lawers and expect to have a version ready for next
month which installs a keyboard logger leagally by including some fine print
in the EULA. Then if you try to communicate with another windows computer it
will, well I leave it as a suprise... but I can say having a windows computer
will never be the same again.

Needless to say we are going to make a dent in the way windows programming is
done by locking them into only being able to use windows.

The Linux market is too small to share it with windows users. We have to take
a stance and ensure the two shall never cross path.

EASY is really HARD, another acronym which I'm not at liberty to reveal quite
yet. But expect Lirpa-2 to remove all your doubts!

If you want a preview go to and see for your


Steve Szmidt

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