Re: [SLUG] script to parse and compare an IP address

From: Dylan Hardison (
Date: Sat Apr 01 2006 - 16:04:04 EST

On 4/1/06, Sick Twist <> wrote:
p> I am trying to write a script that parses an unknown IP address from a page
> of HTML, compares the IP address to a file and overwrites the file if the
> saved IP address is different. My question is, what language should I
> investigate to accomplish this? Is this able to be done with a bash script
> and command line utilities or is there another language like perl or python
> that would be better suited for this task? C has always been my game so I'm
> less familiar with the strengths and capabilities of some of the other tools
> out there. Thanks in advance!

I'd use perl.
The following is completely untested, but it should work.
And no, this isn't my april fools. :)

It requires LWP::Simple, part of the www perl library, which on debian
(and probably ubuntu) is libwww-perl.

use strict;
use warnings;
use LWP::Simple 'get';
use IO::File;

my $url = '';
my $file = 'myipfile';

update_ipfile($file, fetch_old_ip($file), fetch_ip($url));

sub fetch_ip {
        my ($url) = @_;
        my $html = get($url);
        if ($html =~ /(\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3})/s) {
                my $ip = $1;
                print "Found IP: $ip\n";
                return $ip;
        } else {
                die "Cannot find ip address on $url\n";

sub fetch_old_ip {
        my ($file) = @_;

        # If $file exists, we open it and read the first line.
        if (-e $file) {
                my $fh = new IO::File($file, 'r') or die "Cannot open $file: $!";
                my $line = $fh->getline;
                chomp $line;
                return $line;
        } else {
                # Return something that cannot be an IP.
                return "(nada)";

sub update_ipfile {
        my ($file, $old_ip, $ip) = @_;
        if ($old_ip ne $ip) {
                print "Changing IP to $ip (was $old_ip)\n";
                my $fh = new IO::File($file, 'w') or die "Cannot open $file for writing: $!";
        } else {
                print "Old IP and new IP are the same ($ip).\n";

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