Re: [SLUG] Run Linux inside Mac OS/X

From: Ian C. Blenke (
Date: Tue Apr 11 2006 - 15:26:55 EDT

Ken Elliott wrote:

>These guys have a VM that runs inside OS/X. You can run Linux, Solaris,
>Windows, and BSD on your Mac. That means you could run almost any app,
>without rebooting the primary OS. Pretty Cool.

If you have a new Mactel box (x86 Mac), this is supposed to work.
Various people on IRC are reporting problems getting it running, however.

VMWare looks like it will have an equivalent out Real Soon Now (per
Keith Adam's blog:, though he hasn't
confirmed as much.

Apple is reportedly coming out with their own equivalent in 10.5

You can always run QEMU without hardware virualization (no kqemu or
qvm86 support) under pretty much any Unix flavor on pretty much any host
architecture. The Mac version of that is called "Q"
( Yes, you can run this on a PowerPC. It will be
slow for you though. Slower than VirtualPC if you can believe that.

- Ian C. Blenke <>

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