Re: [SLUG] Revised St. Petersburg Meeting Topic: PHP development

From: steve szmidt (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2006 - 17:21:04 EDT

On Monday 17 April 2006 15:51, Dylan Hardison wrote:
> Christopher Hotchkiss has expressed interest in doing a presentation
> of PHP development with subversion, phpDoc, and webdav.
> So, that will be the presentation.
> However, there will still be a running OpenBSD box for those that want
> to poke around with it without bothering to install it.

Of course installing OBSD is about the easiest and fastest you can ask for. 15
Minutes is a long install... Only requiring 48MB RAM and 500MB disk it's a
very efficient firewall that can run on very old hardware.

I think you should demo the install...


Steve Szmidt

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