Re: [SLUG] Re: Linux and Pro-Audio applications

From: steve szmidt (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2006 - 14:39:30 EDT

On Tuesday 18 April 2006 13:52, Mike Branda wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-04-14 at 15:01 -0700, kevin kelley wrote:
> > I was wondering if anyone on this list has any
> > experience using Linux with DAW/softsynth/midi
> > applications like rosegarden or any others.
> > I am interested in getting any information on what
> > applications appear to work best in the Linux/UNIX
> > environment.
> >
> > Kevin Kelley
> I use:
> Ardour is incredible once you get the JACK sub-system working right.
> Audacity is more like a SoundForge. You can do multi-tracking in both
> but for a DAW I'd go Ardour. Check your distro for package releases.
> SuSE had it included on the media.

I installed a real time kernel on FC and added tons of music s/w on a separate
install (drive) to just do music with it. Though I'm just spending some
occational time on it so I don't have much advice to offer.

For serious music you'll need the real time kernel and a great music card.
That alone can use a ton of research.

I have noticed that Jack is a great modular system. Hydrogen is a great drum
machine. Cheesetracker is a portable Impulse Tracker clone (which uses the
famous Scream Tracker interface). It supports all Impulse Tracker features
except a few. Rosegarden is also a good one.

Audacity is cross platform and a great tool, just like Ardour.

Some programs have memory leaks and might just die on you, which is always a
liability with C. But in all I'd say search for a place/distro which have
compiled music s/w specifically and then dive in and test out the programs.
If you already are familiar with music s/w you should feel right at home

If you use MIDI make sure you research the cable. There are a lot of poor/non
standard cables around. Pick the wrong one and you'll be stuck with 60 Hz
hum. As they say you will be the effect of what you don't know.


Steve Szmidt

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