Re: [SLUG] weird web site viewer

From: steve szmidt (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2006 - 06:27:22 EDT

On Sunday 23 April 2006 01:23, Eben King wrote:

> Yup, iptables is flexible and powerful. But if hosts.deny can do what I
> need (i.e. stop this user from getting web pages), I see no need to set it
> up. It's just a residential machine.

One more note. There is no such thing as just a residential machine. There are
machines who one does not care if it is hacked twice a day and wiped out
twice a week, and those where you for whatever the reason, do not want to
have to waste time on.

A cracker does not know what you have on that computer. But he does need
remote storage fascilities to hide his warez (stolen commercial software) and
tools used in acquiring the above.

Plus you offer the potential of supplying your online identity for him when he
attacks others. Drawing a line from the crime scene through your computer...

Who follows up on these things? Hmm, usually FBI.

They are really the sweetest people. Very understanding and caring. Would
never dream of putting you out and remove all your computer equipment should
they think you are the cracker... No, not at all...

Yeah, a sting is not thrown together that fast and sloppy and hopefully they
can tell it was not you. But I sure as heck don't want to play the odds if I
don't have to. Not my type of playmates.


Steve Szmidt

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