Re: [SLUG] [PIG] Writing checks from PHP

From: Paul M Foster (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2006 - 15:28:28 EDT

Kwan Lowe wrote:
>> Okay, here's (what I consider) an interesting programming problem. The
>> idea would be to generate a check in your browser screen, and be able to
>> print the screen and get a check on your own check forms (8-1/2x11). The
>> screen would look just like your check, except for your company name,
>> MICR printing, etc. Everything exactly where it would be when you print
>> it on your checks (from NEBS or whoever).
>> PHP is the language of choice here. But PHP has no ability to place
>> screen objects at a certain position on the screen. Most likely, you'd
>> have to have everything surrounded by the <PRE> tag, so it should print
>> exactly what you want where you want it (assuming Courier or some
>> similar font).
>> Here's the other snag: the screen coordinates (line and column) for each
>> part of the check (payee, date, etc.) are in a PostgreSQL database. This
>> is so the user can configure the check depending on who he bought his
>> checks from.
>> I'm working on this myself, but since we've got programmers wanting to
>> geek out, I thought I'd give everyone else a shot. Might be interesting.
> One option you may consider is to form the images in Postscript then do a pstopnm
> for preview. If OK, then pstopdf the image and send it. There are some php/ps
> modules available also:
> ttp://

Here's the problem with that. The pages are served up on a separate
machine on the LAN. So the best way is to either generate a page which
can be directly printed, or create a file which can by printed by the
client (my machine). The printer directly connected to the web server is
an old dot matrix, but the checks must print on my laser at my desk.

Paul M. Foster
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