[SLUG] stdin vs feh

From: Eben King (eben1@tampabay.rr.com)
Date: Sun Apr 30 2006 - 13:35:48 EDT

No, "feh" is not an expression of disgust, it's an image viewer.


Does anybody know how to make it read an image from standard input in a
pipeline? OK, feh /dev/stdin < image works standalone. But I have a big
ol' nasty trn macro that extracts an X-Face from an article, uncompresses
it, and shows it. It worked with xv:

... | uncompface -X | xv -expand 2.0 &

compface(1) says:

   This version of compface has been patched to also be able to handle
   normal xbm images. uncompfaced will produce xbm output only if the -X
   switch is applied.

The equivalent of that command (or so I thought) with feh,

... | uncompface -X | feh --zoom 2 /dev/stdin &

doesn't. (That syntax works when not in a pipeline.) I also tried

... | uncompface -X | bash -c "feh --zoom 2 /dev/stdin" &

In both cases I get

feh - No loadable images specified.
Use feh --help for detailed usage information

If I replace the xv/feh/bash command with "file -", I get "/dev/stdin: ASCII
C program text". If I replace it with "od -t x1z | less", it shows that feh
isn't being fed an empty file, in case you don't trust "file"'s word.

Anybody done this, or should I write a wrapper that writes stdin to a file
and then shows that file?

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