[SLUG] (FWD) Open House | Tomorrow | 9am - 2pm

From: Paul M Foster (paulf@quillandmouse.com)
Date: Fri Mar 14 2008 - 16:09:57 EST

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        TBCS Open House
      Saturday, March 15th
         9am 'til 2pm

The Tampa Bay Computer Society would like to invite one and all to our Open
House tomorrow. Not only will we provide hot dogs, burgers, and all sorts
of diet-busting food, but we'll entertain you with videos (Fun Stuff from
the Internet) and speakers. All the while, our crackerjack troubleshooting
team will be repairing a dozen computers in our free clinic.

We'll also do impromptu demos of our new Audio/Visual studio where we can
digitize your vinyl records, cassettes, vhs tapes, 35mm slides, and
negatives and burn them to CDs or DVDs.

You may also enter our free drawing for a $100 cash prize. Come on out and
join us tomorrow at:

TBCS (727-443-4433)
1510 Barry Road
Suite K
Clearwater, FL 33756

You will find a map at:
Note: please don't go the Largo
Cultural Center

Here's our schedule for the day:

 9:00 Fun Stuff from the Internet
 9:30 Phil Sullivan - Hand-On Windows
 9:45 Chris Walters - Advanced Windows

10:00 Stan Ashbrook - Photoshop & P. Elements
10:15 Dan Galgano - XO Computer (OLPC.org)
10:30 Jan McNulty - Photo Story & Movie Maker
10:45 Roger Leer - Internet & Build a 'Puter

11:00 Stan Ashbrook digitizes 35mm slides
      (A/V Studio)
11:00 Fun Stuff from the Internet
11:30 Tom Lembke - Digital Video
11:45 Carol King - Intermediate Computers

12:00 Magen Hughes - 2600 Club (Security & Advanced)
12:15 Doc - Web 2.0 & Windows Vista
12:30 Jim Boynton - eBay & Digital Photography
12:45 Bill De Lucia - Novice Computing

 1:00 Fun Stuff from the Internet
 1:30 Ray Danen - Microsoft Office
 1:45 June Hollister - Search Engine Optimization

Jacinthe Dixon, Sylvia Gulkis, & Beverly Asselin will demo
our Audio/Visual Studio throughout the day.

Our computer lab will be open for people to access the web.

Frank Bucca and his merry men will be fixing 12 computers
in our repair clinic. It's too late to be included this
time around, but free computer repair is available to our

Meanwhile, Suzanne Gregoire and her retinue of hosts and
hostesses will be feeding and watering you with all manner
of food and drink (sorry, no alcohol - are you kidding me?
most of our group isn't allowed salt, sugar, or caffeine ;-)

Be sure to sign up for our $100 Prize Drawing! You don't
have to be present to win, but you've got to register.

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Paul M. Foster
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