Re: [SLUG] Spamassassin score and evolution

From: Paul M Foster (
Date: Fri Mar 28 2008 - 23:21:41 EST

On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 10:18:23PM -0400, Larry Brown wrote:

> On Fri, 2008-03-28 at 17:36 -0400, Paul M Foster wrote:
> > I don't know much about Evolution, but if it's like most GUI email
> > clients, it doesn't play well with things like procmail, since it wants
> > full control of email folders and such. (Thunderbird has issues along
> > this line, which is one reason I went back to Mutt.)
> >
> > Check the headers on email which has been through spamassassin and been
> > judged as spam. You should see some headers which are clearly from
> > spamassassin, and they will show a score, either as a number or a number
> > of stars, etc. In Evolution, you *should* be able to filter on the
> > content of a header line. So, if the header is "X-Spam-Score", then you
> > should be able to tell Evolution that when it sees this header, with a
> > value of ****, then dump it in a spam folder, delete it, etc.
> >
> > Paul
> >
> This actually gave me the best solution for me, I think. Since I want
> to keep using Evolution I thought the ***** (or ssss in the MailScanner
> recommendation) was of no use. However, I can look for the header with
> one * and tell it to stop processing, look for ** and stop processing,
> look for *** and stop processing and the next rule would be to dump to
> the junk folder. That would allow me to filter scores of 4 or higher
> and I can add or remove filters to increase or decrease sensitivity.
> I just have to make sure:
> X-Spam-Score: ********* doesn't match the rule looking for
> X-Spam-Score: *

I'm assuming that Evolution has the ability to filter headers using
things like "equals", "contains", etc. If so, you can set a filter of
"X-Spam-Score" contains "****" and that will catch anything 4 stars or
higher (think about it). Anything less than 4 stars wouldn't match.
That's the way I used to filter it in Thunderbird. In Thunderbird, if a
given filter "recipe" didn't match, it would simply fall through to the
next and next until one matched. I assume Evolution probably works the
same way.


Paul M. Foster
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