Re: [SLUG] audio conversion

From: Daniel Jarboe (
Date: Sun Aug 03 2008 - 11:47:29 EDT

> Most things I try to install get categorized as "UNAUTHENTICATED" and
won't install. Not authenticating is fine
> with me, but not installing definitely isn't. I need to add the site's
GPG key to my keyring, right? How do I find out
> what site it is?

Are these rpms, debs, or something else? Where are the installation
binaries coming from? Did you add third-party repositories?

If debs, and you were following instructions to add another apt source you
may have left out the apt-key add step. You can run "sudo apt-get
--print-uris install [package-name]" to see what source would have been used
to download the package, which may jog your memory for what key to hunt

As for your video stream message in mencoder, easiest may be to just run
mplayer to dump it to a wav file before encoding to mp3. "mplayer -ao
pcm:file=output.wav input.wma"

~ Daniel

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