[SLUG] sound management

From: Eben King (eben01@verizon.net)
Date: Fri Aug 08 2008 - 21:50:17 EDT

I have a 4.1 speaker system (front (L & R), rear (L & R), center
"subwoofer"). Most audio sources have only two channels, and those by
default go to front (L & R). Since I'd rather use all four channels (the .1
is generated by the speakers), I implemented ... well heck, I still have
"pcm.ch40dup" defined in /etc/asound.conf, but xmms doesn't point to it.
Yet sound comes out all speakers. Hmm...

Anyhow, that's irrelevant to the thrust of my query, which is: how can I
make xmms' volume and balance controls affect all four speakers, not just
the front two? The fader can remain fixed, as I use it relatively rarely.
IOW, I'd like to see

|------x--------------| |----------x----------|
     Volume Balance

(affecting all speakers) instead of

|------x--------------| L |----x----------------|
|------x--------------| R |----x----------------|
    Front volume Rear volume

in the mixer and

|------x--------------| |----------x----------|
    (Front) volume (Front) Balance

in xmms. The only place I've found Volume and Fader (no Balance) that
affect all four.1 speakers is on the right front speaker itself.

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