Re: [SLUG] DOD level clean question

From: Paul Bransford (
Date: Thu May 21 2009 - 20:05:55 EDT

Daniel Jarboe wrote:
>> Alternatively, another program that can do a good quality wipe is
>> 'shred' - since it can use any block device available under the kernel
>> you boot, it should have no issue with SATA.
> Shred is really all you need, and is readily available on (most?) live CDs.
> There's no need to download/burn anything special for the occasion, since
> you probably already have everything you need.
> Shred default is 25 passes of various bit-sequences designed to foil
> specialized equipment that is capable of recovering previous data from
> zero-overwrite wipes.
> If you just need to foil Joe Casual, a single zero wipe with progress will
> be shred -v -z -n 0 /dev/yourblockdevice.
> ~ Daniel

Yes, shred is part of 'coreutils' which should be present on any
functional linux system.
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