Re: [SLUG] Fun machines

From: Matthew Rogers (
Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 19:31:35 EDT

1 distro and use virtualbox for the rest.

Chuck Hast wrote:
> Folks,
> I finally broke down and got me a netbook. Yesterday I pulled out the HD
> that came with it and put in a 500G HD. The idea was to put some distros
> on it and play with them all.
> The box is a Lenovo S10. First thing I did was see what was a common
> Linux on these things, found that Linpus was one option, so I put it on there
> It did not look to bad but the name sounds like something infectious. Also
> it never was able to get the WiFi card going. So I pulled good old Ubuntu
> down and installed it. Now that was a smooth install. I now have networking,
> nice smooth operation AND Compiz (I put that on there just to see how much
> it would slow it down, and turns out it is is so little and to not even bother).
> One thing I am noticing, as I put each distro on the HD it appears that each
> one lays down it's version of Grub, I guess I need to put grub on a small
> piece of the HD and call them from there am I correct?? When I put Ubuntu
> on the machine the Linpux grub no longer worked. I have never put multiple
> distros on the same HD only Linux next to windows, and seems like all of
> the distros WILL recognize that and add it to the boot list.
> Any recommendations here as to the best way to go about putting distros
> on the HD and use a single grub install??
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