Re: [SLUG] Linux on a 2nd drive?

From: R.G. Mayhue (
Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 22:22:38 EDT

Both LILO and GRUB will boot even if the boot information is above
the 1st 1024 cylinders.

Here's a sniplet from man lilo.conf:

lba32 Generate 32-bit Logical Block Addresses instead of
              sector/head/cylinder addresses. If the BIOS sup­
              ports packet addressing, then packet calls will be
              used to access the disk. This allows booting from
              any partition on disks with more than 1024 cylin­
              ders. If the BIOS does not support packet address­
              ing, then 'lba32' addresses are translated to
              C:H:S, just as for 'linear'. All floppy disk refer­
              ences are retained in C:H:S form. Use of 'lba32'
              is recommended on all post-1998 systems.
linear Generate linear sector addresses instead of sec­
              tor/head/cylinder addresses. Linear addresses are
              translated at run time and do not depend on disk
              geometry. When using `linear' with large disks,
              /sbin/lilo may generate references to inaccessible
              disk areas, because 3D sector addresses are not
              known before boot time. 'lba32' avoids many of
              these pitfalls with its use of packet addressing,
              but requires a recent BIOS.

Rob Mayhue

On Saturday 02 June 2001 08:51 pm, Steve wrote:


> In order for a drive to be bootable it has to have the boot information > within the 1st 1024 cylinders or it cannot boot. When you write the boot > sector you have very little room but to say where to fund the boot > information. If it cannot find it within the 1st 1024 cylinders you're > host! > > One way to get around it is to make a small boot partition within the 1st > 1024 cylinders ( /boot 25MB). >


> > Steve

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