Re: [SLUG] Thank you for the Show!

From: Russell Hires (
Date: Sun Jun 03 2001 - 08:57:11 EDT

  _its_ (no apostrophe) means "the thing that it owns"
  _it's_ (with apostrophe) means "it is"

>From: Derek Glidden <>
>Subject: Re: [SLUG] Thank you for the Show!
>Date: Fri, Jun 1, 2001, 12:05 PM

> Norbert Cartagena wrote:
>> concept to grasp, but it's free" and the such. And frankly, I don't
>> think I have so much fun as when I speak to someone who hears that MS is
>> NOT the only game in town and decide to switch (yes, having diplay
>> computers at hand is VERY helpful). Ahh... feeling like I did a service
> There was a guy I wound up talking (arguing) with the second day who,
> despite the people milling around, dozens of computers running Linux,
> piles of Linux CDROMs to give away, magazines, brochures and slicks,
> still insisted over and over and over that Microsoft had "the best
> mousetrap" and "this Linux thing" just "wasn't going anywhere" despite
> years and years of "hype"... A couple of you know who I'm talking
> about...
> I guess some people will just never get it.

Or they get it, and can't believe it. That guy didn't want to be converted.
He's probably spent way too much money on M$ to give it all up for a "free"
operating system. Or even the concept. Kinda like my car: Yes, it's 14 years
old, and yes, I paid it off 7 years ago (bought it used). But I've probably
spent the car's worth in repairs two times over to keep it running. Lately,
I haven't spent any money on getting it fixed, and I don't want another car
that I'm going to have to do that with again. It's too darn expensive! I
think this is the kind of thing we're going to have to deal with from now
on. The easy converts are easy, because they don't have that much invested
in M$ to begin with. But the ones that do have a lot invested, they'll be
much harder to convert. And then, especially the ones who have really bought
into M$'s marketing, and spent huge sums of $$$$, and really believe in
controlling intellectual property (because I'm sure to them there's only a
limited supply), and volunteers aren't "professionals" (I'll be sure to
remind them of this after their house burns down and volunteers from the Red
Cross are the ones giving this guy a hand getting back on his feet)...

So, there's our challenge.


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