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Date: Sun Jun 03 2001 - 12:25:17 EDT

On Sunday 03 June 2001 07:49 am, you wrote:
> patrick wrote:
> > On Sunday 03 June 2001 05:54 am, you wrote:
> > > Smitty wrote:
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> > > > This would create a very bad public relations situation for ms which
> > > > could be usede as ammunition again and again. You have to
> > > > aggressively oppose the Nazi mentality of microsoft. Microsoft must
> > > > die. Smitty
> > >
> > > Microsoft isn't all bad -- they can serve as a bad example.
> > >
> > > Seriously, I don't want an all-Linux world, or all-BSD, or all-anything
> > > world any more than I want an all-microsoft world. If Linux could just
> > > double it's desktop presence from 15% to 30%, (at least enough that
> > > apps would be automatically ported) that would turn that market into a
> > > genuinely competitive one, then everyone wins and I could finally get a
> > > job writing Linux code instead of microsoft dreck.
> > >
> > > Ed.
> >
> > ed, i am beginning to think that kde is what is gonna make linux
> > the desktop opertating system. i have read the other day that
> > kde has been ported to mac and to windoes. what do u think of
> > this statement
> KDE will be a strong influence, (he says rising to the bait) but I
> support the idea of choice in desktop environments just as I do
> operating systems.

ok, i am not saying there cannot be choice, what i am saying
is that there needs to be one environment that stands out
to draw more and more people into linux. and then there are
many other environments that people can use once they get
here if they choose.

i believe linux will always give the customer choice, but i also
believe we need some kind of environment that ties us all
toghether. without it, linux will continue to be many environments
without any central glue to hold us together.

There's just no good reason for applications to be
> tied to one desktop environment unless they are the applications that
> create the desktop environment. Kparts and Bonobo ( the respective
> component libs for each desktop) are moving toward compatibility and
> that's as it should be.

ok, but i beleive that one will in a sense win out for the majority
of people. that is one thing we need, write a program for linux
and it works on linux, of course there are other options available.

> Unfortunately for Gnome, GTK+ and glib, the toolkit and windowing API
> compatability layer, on which Gnome is based, are not yet functionally
> portable to Windows. I installed The Gimp on my wife's NT box and it
> was un-usable -- mainly due to glib fighting with the win32 API. Until
> that is cleared up, GTK/Gnome based apps will be strictly limited to
> Unix/Linux platforms or possibly MacOS.

i feel in time gnome will become more widely used and used
on other systems besides linux, but for the time being kde
has a considerable lead. kde is a rather unifying desktop.

> At least for the time being, for development teams wanting to write
> once, deploy many, and *perform acceptably*, QT is a clear choice. I'm
> not happy about that. I prefer to code using GTK.

can u explain why other than the fact that qt seems to be becoming
the stand if u will. this does not mean that gtk will not be used.

to me its like this. kde which is having magnificent success with
thrid party apps is the central core other than the kernal. more and
more apps mean more and more people joining up with linux.
why are u not happy with this. is it just because u prefer to code
in gtk. if this is the reason there is no reason for u not to continue
in gtk. linux is going through some changes now. it appears that
kde is our future, thats my point.

> Of course there's winelib but using it makes it mandatory that programs
> be written using the windows API and if you've ever coded a serious app
> in that *$&@^*@&!!, and coded with QT or GTK, and know the difference,
> you'd know why winelib is just not acceptable for new applications.
> That's not a dig at winelib, it's wonderful for porting existing windows
> code to Linux and will serve admirably as a transition tool, but I would
> never willingly choose the Windows API for a new application.

> The evil spawn of microsoft must die.
> Ed.

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