Re: [SLUG] Linux may not be ready for the Desktop but it is for Gradschool

From: David (
Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 14:19:09 EDT

Dave wrote:
 Just got my Fiance's little sister on Linux (10 years old). She is loving
every minute of it.
She says "I like how I can leave it on and not come home to a big ugly blue
screen". She likes the games and the themes as well.
hmmm...shall we look out for a distro soon called Kiddie Linux? hehehe
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> I just found out that my granddaughter who is 9 is a
> big fan/user of Linux.
> My son set her up a logon on Rh 7.1 and showed her how
> to startx and change her desktop in gnome. A few days
> later he saw that she had added panels and applets for
> her games to the panels changed the theme and has
> pretty much do a lot of customizing. I know this isn't
> the same a doing daily business on Linux, but if a 9
> year old can figure it out. I'm thinking Linux must
> not be that hard from GUI standpoint.
> Just thought I'ld share that with all of you.
> Mike M.
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