Re: [SLUG] Want Linux on your desktop?

From: Russell Hires (
Date: Wed Jun 13 2001 - 09:13:00 EDT

_its_ (no apostrophe) means "the thing that it owns"
_it's_ (with apostrophe) means "it is"


> What would help is to make the packages with all the libaries included. Then
> have a script that will run the compiles and install the program in the
> background.

Well, this is what causes bloat. The libs come separately to allow more
programs to be smaller. Programs being smaller is a Good Thing, because
when you are d/l over a 14.4 modem connection in 1996, ... well, you get
the idea. Besides, why re-invent the wheel? If you can just link against
a lib you "know" (intrinsically!) is going to be there, other programs
can, too...It's another way to make better use of limited resources
(lack of disk space being another Linux legacy -- poor programmers
couldn't afford those HUGE 1 GB Hard Drives :-) I'm glad for these
legacies, even if they do make things a little more difficult, since I
can still use some Very Old Machines (TM) with the latest release.

> They should not asume that you have these already. Also the Distro's should
> already
> install the libaries automatically not wait till every app you try to
> install has to have more
> and more stuff installed.

The problem here is, well, have you seen how many libs there are out
there? And those are just the "official" ones. Collectively they are
huge, individually, of course, not very big at all...

> I will say in Debian with apt-get makes things
> eaiser , and in Mandrake 8
> yes rpm's are getting easier to install.

Tell me more about Mandrake's rpm system? What does it do? How does it

> So how do we get this fixed? Perhaps if we keep on them just like we did for
> making Linux it's self
> easier to install we now need the apps to install just as easy. There is
> several ideas that would make this
> more pleasant.

There is definitely still a long way to go...


>>Most desktop applications are on the cutting edge of what is possible in
>>Linux right now...which is not a good place to be if you expect your mom to
>>use it.

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