Re: [SLUG] Any one Ready to work the next CTS in October?

From: Michael Adams (
Date: Sat Jun 16 2001 - 01:24:37 EDT

Folks go home on the week end?
Whats with that?
Folks work during the week, and this is Florida, not a State where employers
will let you have time off, even if it is job related.
So the only time the MAJORITY of people who would like to go, would be the
Most shows I know are like that.
Take the Auto show for example, people who are job related ij the auto
business or not, go to the show, and the most traffic occurs on the weekends.
I believe (and I may be wrong) that the same principal applies here.
I'll bet if you took a poll, you would find this true.
I know of about 7 people at my job that would have gone if it was on the
weekend, and didn't go because it interfered with their job.

On Friday 15 June 2001 18:59, you wrote:
> guess I'm just a geek ...
> <zzzzz>Linux</zzzzz>
> Andrew
> On 15 Jun 2001 17:54:09 -0400, Paul M Foster wrote:
> > On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 12:41:29PM -0500, wrote:
> > > Would be nice to see weekend shows if it were possible, weekday shows
> > > are impossible to get to :-(
> > >
> > > Andrew
> >
> > It'll never happen. Folks go home on the weekend and don't want to think
> > about work. At least that's my take on why they never do weekend shows.
> >
> > Paul

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