RE: [SLUG] apoligies

From: Mauricio Borgen (
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 20:00:12 EDT

Just letting you all know that I use RR and things come in fine.



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I've been having this same problem for at least a couple weeks - one
time I got the same post more than 50 times. The headers are exactly
the same. I've assumed that it was a problem with RoadRunner but I see
at least one other poster to this thread who isn't with RoadRunner. The
odd part is that only email from this list is being duplicated.


Ed Centanni wrote:
> No kidding! The one I'm replying to got posted 15 times. I've seen
> some of mine get doubled too. I also just received 48 posts all at once
> some of which date back to Tues. Anybody else have list problems or is
> it just me.
> Ed.
> A2L1 wrote:
> >
> > sorry for the dual post---Im recieving double also---got some finin to
> > do---bbl

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