Re: [SLUG] The most stupid response from a reporter

From: Ed Centanni (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 07:33:31 EDT wrote:
> I listed a more fud posting a bit ago today.
> I responed to this and here is his reply.
> This guy is obviously wacked.

No, this is guy is obviously incompetent or on the take. Most likely on
the take because he's incompetent.


> From: "Bill O'Brien" <>
> Subject: RE: Linux@large: Crazy Freddy
> To:
> Y'know.... This "If you say anything negative about Linux you obviously
> don't know what you're talking about" thing is getting old real fast.
> It's the same line I got from the OS/2 folk when I tried to explain to
> them where they were going wrong. You remember OS/2, right? It is just a
> memory.
> There are plenty of Linux pundit folk out there who'll tell you just
> want you want to hear. Sorry, I don't do that. I'm firmly based in
> reality with a wonderful grasp of the absurd.
> As for 10-year olds who can install Linux, well, there are12-year olds
> who can shoot people. I'm not sure either statistic really proves
> anything.
> -O'B.
> Here was My Reply to his story
> First of all hard to install is a old excuse. We got computer novices at my
> Lug Meetings who can install Linux. We have Kids installing Linux,
> We have Girlfriends and Wives loading it.
> What is Hard about Mandrake 8 install ? , Redhat 7.1 , S.u.S.E. 7.2 ,
> Stormix , or Corel?
> If you can not install these then you should not call your self a computer
> user. Corel 4 question 5 if you use 2.0
> Code Keys ummm yeah right ? Updates rough oh my I guess on a Debian System ,
> Corel , Stormix ,
> Progeny, or Debian typing "apt-get" -upgrade all is such a hard thing. Or
> in Mandrakes System clicking on the RPM utility,
> In Stormix the SAS package manager point and click is too hard.
> Auto install hmm download Musicmatch for Linux. It is as easy as click on
> the file and it goes. Corel Word perfect
> and Corel Draw for Linux umm click setup...hmmmmm where did I see this one
> before?
> Next Linux like Windows NT and 2000 you have to be in admin to to make any
> major settings to
> protect the system.
> I honestly hope that Cnet and Zdnet your sister company get journalist whom
> are not trying to slam Linux and maybe rehash someone
> else's 3 year old story. Funny almost half the words sound like the guy ad
> ZDnet. A few weeks ago.
> The truth is when a Kid 10 years old can install Linux and use it then how
> much easier does it have to be?
> Also oh yeah the cost funny what's the average cost per any software support
> ???? You get 30 to 90 free days like anyone else.
> Even Microsoft does this now!!! So what's the gripe.
> I got it installed on PC's, Mac's , Handheld's, laptops.
> Please actually try it before you knock it.
> Also have you tried Newsgroups , Google , and even signing up on a LUG
> Linux, Users , Group list to get help? How about
> good ole IRC?
> Try our lug's list.
> Perhaps you should come to one of our meetings and I will show you how easy
> it is to install.
> B.P.

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