Re: [SLUG] I'm down (now something else that I don't know what to call)

From: Norbert Cartagena (
Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 23:26:44 EDT

> > No, actually this type of discussion is one that's
> > quite welcome here.
> Hey, I don't make the rules. Just a suggestion. If
> you guys want
> to continue to have the #1 ranking of pure Windows
> and hardware
> posts of all the north/central Florida LUGs, go
> right ahead. ;-PPP

Bandwidth on the SLUG List should be allocated in the
(descending) order:
1. Technical (Linux or computer-related) questions and
2. Announcements of upcoming SLUG events and summaries
of recent events.
3. Official communications from SLUG officers to
members of SLUG.
4. Linux advocacy.
5. Linux or computer related humor.
6. Commercial offerings.
7. Flames.

Notice number 1. Is hardware computer related? Yes. Is
Windows computer related? Yes, and though this is a
Linux list, we have a number of experienced WIndows
users (MCSE, MCP, blah blah blah), who can assist
people either a) solve their problems and b) find an
Open Sourced solution to the problem (I believe we
call all agree that Linux is a Open Sourced solution
to the Windows Virus that's infected 90% of all PCs).
Or would you have us only discuss Kernel problems on
this list (afterall, it IS a Linux users group, not an
X users group, nor a StarOffice users group, not a
Ximian's users group, nor, for that matter, a BSD
users group (so not even all Open Source would be free
for us to discuss).

One of the reason this LUG has become so successful is
because of our openness. Yes, it might take the
conversation away from Linux sometimes, but hey, it's
helpful for some of us. If you don't want to hear
about it, delete it. And it usually gravitates to
Linux at some point (if not to the politics list). So
tell me, do you really want to stop the flow of all
these wonderful ideas in order for us to simply stick
to Linux and Linux only (at whih point most of the
best conversations regarding the philosiphical value
of open source are lost)? Or is it ok to move out of
the comfort zone a bit and have abundant results?

And, on a personal note, please think before you type.
Personally I don't care if you write me a book
regarding your argument (I have been known to write
mails so large that they get rejected by the filters -
this was in the politics list, of course), but do me a
favor and think about what you will say before you say
it, as well as HOW you say it.

Now, this should normally go in the politics list, but
seeing as it deals with the rules of this list
derectly, it is perhaps being posted in the right
place (Paul, correct me if I'm wrong).


On a totally unrelated issue, Derek, you can now refer
to me as either GNU/Norb or just Gnorb ;) I preffer
the second ;)

~ Good evening, Mr. Gates
    . . I'll be your server this evening.
   // \\
  /( )\

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