Re: [SLUG] What is a good printer?

From: Bill (
Date: Sun Nov 04 2001 - 18:54:38 EST

On Sunday 04 November 2001 03:17, you wrote:

> > All other things being equal, get the one that weighs the most. It's
> > the one with the most metal in it and was likely designed with an eye
> > toward longevity. That being said, all other things are seldom equal.
> > :-)
> Wow. Select a printer by _weight_. Now I've heard everything.
> (I _had_ to tease you about this one, Bill.) ;-}
> Paul

Well ... it IS the final criteria. :-) And your tease was taken in stride
but ....

... if two competing electronic devices are equal in function, etc. go
with the heavy one unless weight is a big no-no for the application. While
you wouldn't want to backpack with a 40 pound printer, would you want to
rely on a 12 ounce wonder for a long printing job in the office? Probably
not. I have worked as a machinist and die-maker (how else do you think
they crank out a zillion printers a year?). Barring rotten design, the
extra weight in any product generally buys more rigidity (which keeps
bearing surfaces in alignment) and, in printers, acoustic dampening
material which is often left off for the sake of light weight and economy
in lesser equipment.

If you are standing there with two name brand printers of similar specs,
guarantees and price and trying to decide which one to buy, pick each of
them up and take the heavy one home. Probably you will have already found
something to distinguish them before getting to that point ... but if you
get that far (and aren't going backpacking with it!) get the heavier one.

Yeah ... I know it sounds like an unusual characteristic to consider ...
but now you know why I include it in my purchase decisions.

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