Re: [SLUG] Need public Linux tftp and/or bootp server

From: Mario Lombardo (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 13:07:50 EST

Yes, I do have another machine (386 and 486) I could load an x86 version
of Linux, then setup a network card, get on the net and surf to get the
Sun images, and set up a tftp server to boot this machine, etc., but I
think it would be easier if somebody knew of a tftp repository
somewhere. If there isn't one, I'd like to start one.

I'm the one being dense here, so here it goes:
I feel with all the newer intelligent x86 BIOSes, such as rebuilding
BIOS' flash via a floppy drive during a catastophic event, issuing a
bootp request when all local boots fail, and other such nifty things
these *Intel based* machines can do, I feel by now there should at least
be somewhere somebody can get a Linux machine started w/o the need of an
archaic floppy drive or an expensive and bulky CD-ROM drive. Like I was
saying, 'I'm the one being dense here.'

I'm sure most people will agree. The Internet is here to stay. Floppy
drives are going the way of the mad cow, and CD-ROMs are just too much
when it comes to filling the need for a quick two or three megabytes of
intelligence to get things started. Suns have been able to take care of
themselves with their kick-butt Boot PROMs long before PC BIOSes. I
think with PCs now being able to do the same, I thought something would
be out there. Perhaps it's wishful thinking.


Derek Glidden wrote:

>Mario Lombardo wrote:
>>Upgrading to Debian's Woody decidely affected my SILO boot loader. I'm
>>not sure what to make of this from Debian, but I'm piping down my
>>aggrevation for the moment.
>>In short, does anybody know of a public tftp and/or bootp server that I
>>can point to to get a SPARCstation 5 (sun4m) linux kernel so I can at
>>least look at my filesystem and/or /etc/silo.conf to see where and what
>>my kernel was called. I don't have a CD-ROM or a floppy drive to rescue
>>this thing. Also, I'm trying to keep the Sun independent to take care
>>of itself like, 'go get the damn kernel yourself if you want to work'
>>type of deal.
>>The Sun machine originally began creating itself from Sun files on a Mac
>>on my local network, but my Mac's tftp license, program, and images have
>>been deleted.
>Perhaps I'm being dense, but do you not have another machine anywhere
>you could quickly install some Linux distro and use the tftp/bootp
>services from that? (I assume your mac is running MacOS. How
>problematic would it be to partition it and install some Mac flavor of
>Linux temporarily?)

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