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Subject: [SLUG] Memory Question
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Please excuse my ignorance. I haven't followed hardware much in the last
few years.

My P133 machine will take 256M in 72 pin SIMMs, or up to 128 in a single
DIMM (168 pin SDRAM package). Here's the problem. I have the manual for
the motherboard, but it doesn't tell me what speeds of memory it will
take. Memory costing what it does right now, I'd like to remove my SIMMs
and replace them with a 128M DIMM. But I don't know what speed to use.
The motherboard supports 60ns or 70ns SIMM modules, but I can't figure
out what speed DIMMs it will support. Does anyone know a way to tell
this from the data I've given? What other data might be needed?


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