Re: [SLUG] need RH 7.2 boot disk!

From: Glen (
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 20:58:59 EST

You can boot with 'linux single' to get to a 'fix me' prompt. Of course,
substitute the 'linux' with whatever the label of the desired boot image is.
I name mine by kernel, so my boot prompt would look like this:

LILO:kernel-2.4.16-SMP single

and it should come up in single user mode (root automatically mounted
read-only) so you can proceed to fix the fstab file. After it's booted, issue
this command:

mount -o remount rw /dev/(root partition) /

and it'll remount / so that you can then fix the file, and hit cntrl-D to

It's important to note the the kernel has the location of the root partition
'memorized' (via the rdev command) after it's compiled. I believe changing
this to YOUR root device is done at install time in most distros, RedHat
included. This is how it can boot into single user mode without reading a
faulty fstab. It's also why I don't recommended placing /bin on a different
partition -- the mount command lives there!

Hope I helped.


On Saturday 02 February 2002 18:45, you wrote:
> Could someone emal me a RH 7.2 boot disk? I lost mine, can't mind my CD's
> and have royally messed up my fstab file. I was trying to add a fat32
> partition.
> OR does anyone knowanother way to do an emergency boot so I can get to edit
> my /etc/fstab file?
> Thanks
> Seth

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