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From: Brett Simpson (
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 11:19:33 EST

Here at the county we use Norton Antvirus on all our Winblows desktops. When our management renewed our subscription Symantec tried to get us to buy Norton Antivirus support for Linux. I just laughed and told em it wasn't needed. Just make sure that anything you run on your web servers can be verified from were you got it and you should be ok. Verify using gpg keys. We have about 7 Linux servers running ftp, apache, dns, sendmail, and many other things that are accessable from the internet. So far so good, no weird virus's & stuff. Just keep on top of security updates and don't run as root if you can help it. That would even apply to Slowaris and other Unix's.


>>> 02/08/02 23:42 PM >>>
On Friday 08 February 2002 21:36, you wrote:
> It was a ZDNet "Five years ago today" story link that was posted in
> error. I have removed it.
> The "Bliss" virus was a near-hoax that McAffee tried to blow up into
> something more than it was so they could sell stuff to Linux users.
> Remember, virus protection companies are alarmists by definition.
> - Robin

Thanks Robin ... I am getting ready to "go live" with my first webserver and
getting a little paranoid. Check that: I'm getting a LOT paranoid. This one's
for all the marbles and right now my nerves aren't up for too much in the way
of McAfee's non-sense. They are one of the reasons for parting company with
MSFT ... between the MSFT patches and the McAfee and Solomon and Symantec and
scan & clean stuff I was turning into a full time sysad anyways so I figured
I might as well work at fixing systems that would STAY fixed for a few days
at a time so I could do something productive, too. I was spending all my
spare time and far too much of my money just keeping the dark blue night
light burning.

I figure to fire up this web site, sell stuff and use the money to pursue
more meaningful goals ... like play Quake. :-)


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