Re: [SLUG] Microsoft websites / services / messenger - DOWN???

From: Logan Tygart (
Date: Wed Sep 03 2003 - 09:33:40 EDT

On Wed, 2003-09-03 at 07:18, Michael Manchester wrote:
> I don't have a warm fuzzy about our Army and Goverment
> running Windows.
<war story> When I was in the Army, the critical systems all ran Unix
on Sparcs and DEC Alphas using Applixware as the main Office Suite. But,
this was about six years ago. Only the boxen functioning as typewriters
ran Windoze.

No telling how things are now, with lobbies and contracts. I remember
when I was in I read somewhere the Army buys a case of toilet paper for
twice what a case of Charmin costs, but they do it as a government
requirement to purchase consumable goods from small businesses to
stimulate the economy.
</war story>


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