Re: [SLUG] Microsoft websites / services / messenger - DOWN???

From: Eben King (
Date: Wed Sep 03 2003 - 08:29:33 EDT

On Wed, 3 Sep 2003, Frank Roberts - SOTL wrote:

> On Tuesday 02 September 2003 20:02, Josh Tiner wrote:
> > This goes out to everyone out there - particularly Time Bright Warner
> > House customers with the RR service. Is it just me, or is EVERYONE
> > having trouble accessing MS related websites.
> >
> > I realize this is a linux list and all - but I use the MSN messenger
> > service to talk to family and friends sometimes on this PC. I wonder if
> > they got hax0red or something. Anyone got the scoop on this???
> >From the articles it appears that the bugs are taking MS down too.
> If that is true then it could not happen to a nicer group of people.

That's not the case here; I can get to Hotmail and log in to MSN Messenger
using Gaim from my buddy's computer at , but not from .
Gotta love ssh and X!

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