Re: [SLUG] System lockup - help!

From: Ian Blenke (
Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 10:43:25 EDT

pwgrant wrote:
> HELP. My system seems "hosed" After lilo boot prompt, the screen goes
> black. I have replaced the HD, but the install freezes after a text message
> "checking 'hlt' instruction.

It's most likely a kernel issue with your hardware, not a HD problem.

> I suspect the system hangs with the original HD at the same place.

Can you clarify this statement? Did this system at one time boot? Did it
fail to boot after an upgrade? Is this a new SuSE install?

> Suse 7.3
> voodoo 3dfx video
> maxtor HD (original and new)
> Dual intel Celeron 533MHz

Not overclocked?

> 512MB RAM
> Suggestions? Video next?

Try booting with the "no-hlt" kernel option (ie "lilo> linux no-hlt")
and see if that helps.

We've noticed that kernels built for K7 procs (Athlon) tend to do the
same thing on Celeron boxes. You might try installing a 686/PPro
optimized kernel instead, if this is the case.

- Ian C. Blenke <>
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