Re: [SLUG] ESR & Perens United? Wow.

From: Levi Bard (
Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 10:09:54 EDT

>> Also of interest is ESR's piece of code he's been working on:
>> Brilliant. If looking at source code requires signing an NDA, then
>> create a tool to do it for you. I supposed ESR could add NDA signing
>> functionality to comparator as well, if Darl insists. ;-)
> Heh heh. Leave it to ESR to come up with some kewl hack to circumvent
> SCO's NDAs.

This is a great and poetically justified piece of software from the
NDA-avoiding perspective; however, I think ESR has enough contact with
reality to know that SCO won't permit its use as such. I find it likely,
though, that he intends it to be used primarily for predetermining which
bits of the Linux kernel can be verified to have come from "clean"
sources, e.g. ancient Unixes whose code is in the public domain.

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