Re: [SLUG] IBM's Linux TV Commercial

From: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller (
Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 12:18:04 EDT

> "Windows is the prevalent OS in use" While that
>may be true as per the desktop, iirc linux is the clear leader in the
>server market.

But it's not. Last figures I saw showed Linux at something like 26% on
servers, Windows at closer to 48%, with Linux moving up rapidly.

Linux is the *fastest-growing* server OS, no question, so a college
that's interested in preparing students for the computing future, not
the past, should concentrate on it more than on Windows.

I was well-trained in the use of slide rules while calculators were
taking over, trained in diagnosis of tube-type electronics while
transistors were taking over, and learned drafting with t-square and
traingles even though, at the time, mechanical drafting machines were
the standard for real-life engineers and technicians.

Another real-life note is that sysadmins in large (and even many
smaller) companies don't just deal with one OS. You're likely to see
Unix -- and increasingly Linux -- on servers, Windows on most desktops,
Mac on many artists's and graphic designers' desktops, and possibly
Linux on some software developers' workstations, with more potential
Linux desktop penetration coming, especially for single-application
machines you find on desks in call centers or running retail POS terminals.

- Robin


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