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Date: Thu Sep 11 2003 - 12:15:26 EDT

> I am also in the process of installing Debian. I'll be doing a net
install of
> Sid because I <have> to have KDE 3.1 or greater installed. I'm wondering
> stable that is. By the way, I'm not using Knoppix, but what method did
> use to get Knoppix to hand itself over to the Debian install? Thanks!

Thanks to C.Pace I can give you the steps to intall Knoppix to the Hard
This is a very easy method and way to update it to basically being Debain
when Finished.
This works well and I can tell you the distro is a blast. The latest version
of Knoppix is 3.2 which came out on 9-5-03
The previous 3.2 was 7-26-03.

" Read this all the way through before you get started. "

Installing the Knoppix and then creating an updated version of Debian. I'm
not sure how well this will work if you want to downgrade to woody though.
I know this works well if you run Unstable (which I do).

1) Install knoppix to hd (its the file knx-hdinstall, just do a whereis and
you'll find the path).

2) After installation is done and system has rebooted log onto a terminal as

3) Go to the /etc/apt/ directory and mv sources.list to sources.old just in
case you ever need to reference it.

4) vi sources.list and put just this single line in:
deb unstable main contrib non-free

5) After you have exited vi and saved the file just type 'apt-get update'
This will go out and update your package lists to the newest, latest and
greatest :)

6) Type 'apt-get dist-upgrade' and this will update your distrobution to
Unstable. It will prompt you about using the authors config files or
keeping your own. Since this is a fresh install my suggestion is to use the
Authors instead of the current configs. After this upgrade though I would
keep the current ones as you may make changes at a later time to some of the
config files and do not want to lose those.

7)Once this has been done you should have a completely update Debian system.
I would start finding applications that you have no use for (ISDN utilities,
etc) so you don't have a bunch of programs sitting on there that you don't
want. Do 'apt-get remove <name of prog>' to clean it off the system.

8) I recommend updating the system periodically since you are running
unstable (this usually corrects any security issues that may arrise in

9) Enjoy your quickly installed and well functioning Debian system.

This will take some time for the APT to retrive and install all the

Also I want to make you aware that Gentoo also has Live Cds and can also
Install as well. Though I have not played enough with it there is Live
Gentoos for the Following platforms, Pc, Mac, Alpha, and Sparc and Ultra
Sparc which I am using this on a Ultra 30. The Mac version is for power Pc.

Also to get help you can set up irc Internet Relay Chat clients on your pc
and go to the channels for help from dozens to hundreds of people as well
the server for this is one you have it set up in
my case I am running MIRC using Code Weavers Crossover to install it with
Code Weavers choose unsupported apps and then install the mirc client from You can also use regular wine however it is easy and more
stable with Code Weavers.

Then do a channels list command.

B. Preece

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