Re: [SLUG] /home1 contains file system w/errors - check forced - how do you approach this problem??

From: Ronald KA4INM Youvan (
Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 00:20:33 EDT

   You don't say which type file system/s you are using what
partitions you have or if you ran the appropriate fsck how
many time you ran it, and the results.


> I rebooted my Linux server today and was greeted by the following (edited)
> messages:

> /boot1 OK
> /home1 Contains file system with errors - check forced
> - Inodes that were part of a corrupt orphan linked list found
> - Unexpected inconsistency - Run fsck manually
> /opt clean
> /tmp1 clean
> /usr1 clean
> /var1 clean

> An error occurred during the file system check dripping you to a shell. The
> system will reboot when you leave the shell.

> Can anyone give me a hint as to how to approach this problem?

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