Re: [SLUG] serious distro comparisions

From: Levi Bard (
Date: Sun Sep 28 2003 - 22:22:08 EDT

> Making Your Own = Expert Hackers who have plenty of life cycles to spare.
> Somewhere around here I have a disk with the Linux From Scratch that I
> started many, many moons ago. :/ (Not that I'd claim to be an expert hacker
> or anything though)...

Bleh, I did an LFS a while ago, but once I got done I ended up installing apt on it anyway...

> BTW- I'm seeing a trend of Corporate America moving from RH and other
> 'supported' distros to Debian as the staff (and Management) gets
> more comfortable with Linux. Debian package design and stability
> in a full production environment seem to be driving factors.
> Anyone else see the same?
Hmm, I don't see a ton of gnu/linux in corporate production environments where I've been, but the move from "supported" distris to ones like Debian makes sense to me, because once the staff gets comfortable with the administration, the management begins to realize that they're paying for support they aren't using. Also, corporate geeks like Debian for the same reasons that civilian geeks do.

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